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I wish that there was a radio station for all the major TV stations, so that when you have to be out driving or watching your kids play sports, you can still catch the American Idol finale, or hear an episode of House, or listen to the banter of Jerry Seinfeld, Friends, etc.  While all of these are best experienced as videos, I would love to be able to at least experience the audio portion live when I can't be near a TV. 
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  • miguelmartinez
    11 de junio 14:14

    I've worked on tv for several years and I think that any news writer would say to you that they write thinking about the edited images that you're going to watch on a screen. What I am trying to explain is that television and radio uses different languagues. As I see it, because of that maybe this ideas has no much sense.. :)

  • josefo
    12 de marzo 07:25

    I remember, in 70's I listened TVE programs in a SW radio. I didn´t know if was a parasit frecuency or not, but I listened. Maybe, if you get a SW radio you can receive your TV chanels.

  • badfaith
    11 de marzo 16:27

    Although films are frequently adapted from books, the reverse is also true, with descriptive narrative taking the place of visual cues... and audiobooks are simply someone reading the book, with occasional characterisations by actors for different parts. It's not such a stretch to think that this process could be applied for popular TV shows/film, with the dialogue grafted from the original into the narrative. In fact, I'm sure something similar does exist for some tv shows for the benefit of the blind. If you could track those down it might be the answer to your problem.

  • ana maria llopis
    12 de agosto 09:23

    Most TV spots and TV writers think of the off image test to make sure it makes sense when you are listening too, at least it used to be the case hence , I believe it could make sense

  • Paddy
    29 de mayo 17:12

    I think that this idea is generally quite flawed as the TV is designed more for visual use than audio use,and would this be popular?

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