Green Junk Mail Tax

In considering how to cut paper waste and the effect this has on the environment, one particular area this may have a significant impact is junk mail (mail shots, printed advertising leaflets delivered through the mail)

I'm talking here mainly of the unsolicited advertising material you receive as a result on data collection and targeting of demographics based on other purchases consumers may have made.
Specifically that material which is sent based on online purchases, where you perhaps bought something online and everyone and their brother is given access to this information, and sends you a constant truck load of rubbish you don't want. Because it would stand to reason that as this information has become available to them through your online activity, you must therefore have access to the internet, and have an email address... so why can't they send you this rubbish in an email instead of through the post?
If this spam is then blocked or pre-emptively destroyed, the companies that send it could take for granted that the consumer target is not interested in their product, and does not wish to receive further emails, allowing the companies to better refine the target consumer list more effectively to those who do want their products, and without the expense of printing and sending their ads in the mail. Saving paper, and reducing it's impact on the environment.

To this end, and to spare the householder, and potential target consumer from endless junk streaming through the letter box,
 I propose a green tax on junk mail.

In the short term it would raise a lot of revenue for the government which could be used to implement other solutions to addressing environmental concerns, and after this initial period, when companies are compelled to switch to email and online methods of delivery to avoid the extra expense, they reduction in paper waste will be greater, which in turn would cost governments less to clear up and recycle.

Although companies may not like this, I can't think of anyone I've ever met in their capacity as a consumer or as someone who lives in a house, who thinks how wonderful it is to receive this mail!
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