Motorcycle Air Bag Suit

When the last Rover landed on Mars, it deployed a set of Air bags in a kind of Raspberry formation, which allowed it to bounce safely to a standstill, then let the intact rover go about it's mission.

Why not use this idea for motorcycle riders?

Great injuries and many fatalities are caused each year all around the world when people crash motorbikes... so how about incorporating air bags into their leathers?

The motorcycle suit containing the deflated air bags are connected to the motorcycle engine by a cord... much like a surfer has a cord tying them to the board, but when the rider of the bike comes off the bike, the cord detaches from the bike's engine, and in that split second, the engine's revolutions are used to inflate the bags, so the rider becomes cocooned in a berry like structure of air bags that allow them to bounce happily to a standstill.
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3 comentarios

  • badfaith

    ...Would also be kind of funny,
    Watching giant raspberries bounce down the road!

  • kgs

    Good idea to save young riders.

  • justV

    wow! could be awsome!!

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