Simplify the taxpayer's life


The idea is to unify in one single payment and once a year all the family taxes: state, regional and local ones. This project will produce:
- Convenience for the families: less anguish (less due dates), less paperwork
and the possibility for many of them to reduce the amount of the final payment balancing refunds and payments.
- Cost's savings for the Administrations

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3 comentarios

  • spirit
    16 de enero 17:48

    I like this idea

  • pichi
    15 de julio 17:10

    The tax cuts you are proposing will produce less revenues for the Administrations due to the establishment of a unique payment.

  • JimBob
    30 de mayo 19:32

    Good idea, but instead of making it one awfully large payment, spilt it down over say 10 months of the year, leaving December and January free.

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