Invisibility ???

There should be a device that can make us invisible for some time.

Anyone having Idea about that ?

Plz let me know. We can work together.
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Manish Mishra

Manish Mishra


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2 comentarios

  • ladyvirgo
    04 de junio 03:10

    Although it would be cool to be invisible even for a short period of time, don't you think if it were possible that it would do more harm than good. Really think about it, people are not all the same. I could go on and on...

  • paula
    30 de mayo 12:03

    I've always dreamt about it...!! and also with "instant transport", i mean, being in a place and a second after being somewhere else, just clasping your hands, for example ;)
    I wish both thing could be invented someday!!

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