Remove ALL Sponsorship From Child Size Replica Kits

Football clubs have a big influence on children, and want to wear the club shirt like anyone else to show their support.

But I always feel uneasy to say the least seeing small children wearing shirts with any advertising on them... be they for adult products or otherwise.

Not only have you submitted yourself to becoming a walking billboard for the company... you have paid for the privellege. (how strange is that?)

But adults have the choice to buy the shirt, and the understanding and ability to consciously agree to this, but children may not understand what it is on the shirt they wear.

So I say take it all off Child size replica shirts.
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2 comentarios

  • memm
    08 de julio 21:21

    tienes mucha razon. vt+

  • MARLINKA2391
    08 de julio 18:41

    That's right badfaith, but i think the blame is from the capitalism or liberalization of the economy since this big enterprises try to have influence in all the word. But they don't take care of the children. For that reason, because the children are first, my vote is positive.

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