Building Material From Old Homes

This is not particularly new idea... the egyptians in times past took material from the pyramids to build their homes when they were out of use.

But I saw a piece on CNN last night about how it would take years to clear away the Rubble from the ruins of old homes in haiti that were destroyed in the earthquake, and all this before they could resettle that land.

...So I thought- 
                   Why don't they grind up the pieces of concrete,rubble, and other old building material ON SITE, and mix it with new cement to make a new material for building new homes?

Just take some big rock crushing machines and grinders there and feed the debris in one end, and take the new concrete out of the other end and build new homes as they go.

Could save a lot of time, effort, and expense for the Haitians and relief and recovery organisations trying to help them get back on their feet.
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