Vertical Motorbike Parking

Check out the video ..

Using this technique, we can reduce the road space wasted by parking motorbikes.

What do you think ?
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8 comentarios

  • keerthi
    16 de agosto 12:18

    nice idea..first of all thanks for the demonstration..

  • Sugu
    29 de abril 18:04

    I agree with the above idea as it helps in generating more parking space.

  • smithdelabarca
    09 de diciembre 16:58

    Good idea and nice work with the demostration video!

  • boasorte
    07 de diciembre 07:30

    Yeah, we really need this machie. No place to park.

  • minnie
    07 de diciembre 00:14

    Thanks for fixing video. good video and design. I think it is a great idea for urban planners and city authorities and government for traffic and space optimization. Is like parking diagonally and frontal rather than horizontal along the length of the cars

  • frank23
    06 de diciembre 23:30

    Interesante tu idea. Bueno el video demostrativo.

  • saurabhbhide
    06 de diciembre 22:57

    Thanks for pointing out. Added a youtube video - it works now.

  • minnie
    06 de diciembre 22:46

    It seems from the title like a good idea but I cant see the video. Can you check whether you can see it

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