Winged ants.

contrary to most beliefs all ant at one time or another have wings. This is done for reproductive reasons. Carpenter ants, household ants, etc. Most people think when the find ants with wings that they have termites, one simple rule of thumb. Ants have 3 body parts, head, abdomen and thorax. Termite only have 2 head and body(subterranian termites are black and dry wood termites are brown). During any rainy period is when ants usually swarm along with termites. If you want to know which you have use a piece of tape to catch the insect this will keep them still with out squashing them. You cant identify a sqwished bug. To keep the ant out of your house an easy trick it to spray you window screens with hair spray. This puts a thin film on the screen that can keep them out. Pest control company dont tell you this either.
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