What kind of termites do you have

As I mentioned in my previous idea about termites verses ants. When you have determined that you have termites and not ants. Remember you can tell what kind you have by the way they swarm. Drywood termite swarm 20 or 30 at a time. But subterranian termites will swarm enough to fill a whole room. They can really freak you out. And Subterranian termites usually swarm after a rain when it is very muggy. Remember gas treatment for drywoods is the best way to kill them, dont let a pest control company talk you into chemically (or dusting) treating for them. That is a good treatment if they are localized or found a year or so later because they are slow reproducers and will be localized. Subterranian termites should always be chemically treated for. Staking for them and you know what I mean. Is not a good idea especially in Florida, you either have subs or you will get them in florida, so preventative treatment is the only sensible thing to do. Monitoring for them is just a waste of money. Why would subs go to a piece of wood in the ground when they have your whole house of wood to feed on. By the time you find them in your monitoring system, they are already in your house.
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