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Mass Recycling Centers

My idea is that every community/city should have a community recycling center where you can take your recycling. Each person in the community would have an account number. When you go to drop off your recyclables you scan your card or type in your account number to identify you as the person dropping off the items. There would bins for each type of recylable. (Glass, plastics, paper, aluminum, tin, copper, scrap metal, etc.) You would place you items in the proper bins and submit your drop off. The items would be weighed and conveyed into the center to be prepared for shipment. A computer system would monitor your weight and items and keep track of what you have turned in. At market or slightly below market prices would be paid for all recyclables. They would be tracked on your account until you with draw them or apply them to utilities bills. This would save on towns having recyclying trucks and pick up and would allow for better collection and processing. More people would get involved in recycling if they would receive some monetary benefit for doing it. Even if it was only pennies on the lb. for paper or whatever it would still be something.
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