International Relations

I think that it would be great if more effort was put into getting students/young people to participate in foreign student exchange programs. To make it more appealing, the programs could be carried out during the summer months when people are on break from school.
I have traveled to several countries and found that getting out, meeting others, and seeing first hand how other cultures exist is very rewarding and enriching. If more people new first hand how much we all actually have in common, the world would certainly benefit. 
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  • paula
    03 de junio 13:54

    Have you ever heard about ERASMUS-international exchange program? I don't know if you got it in America, but in Europe is very extended and many students from all around EU benefit from it.
    It allows you to make an exchange with a foreing university. For esample: I study in Madrid, but thanks to Erasmus program i've studying in Rome for six months.
    I absolutely agree with your point: knowing other countries and meeting different people really enriches you as a person and also provides you a wider conception of the world. In addition to this, companies will always choose a person who knows several languages or has lived abroad for a while.
    Come to Europe!

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