Human Resources Adovate, instead of Advasary

I am an Admin. Assistant in a Hotel, to the GM and HR managers.

Because I am an "assistant" I am often overlooked and I hear infomation that affects "Assosciates" as opposed to "Managers"

I am one of the "Associates", I am also in a wierd limbo, I have the trusted ear of the assocates, but I also have to hear how managers discuss their associates (and trust me, there are so may laws broken, our hotel would be shut down if they knew), and I am considered a sypathetic ear to the "associates"

I want to be an HR "ADVOCATE" not an "ADVISARY" to the associates.  

he current system is protect the hotel at all costs.  Which would be all fine and good, IF the hotel treated the Associates as assets insead of liabilities that can't do anything right, and ALL they do is WRONG!!

The prevailing attitude will conti ue to bring down the hotel, how can I as I person in "LIMBO" affect change?

FYI, I took career steps backward to learn this busness, and even though I have the skills, because I took the, ASST, position, I'm only the "secretary."

HELP!!!  How do I get help for the Associates????

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