"Images 2 Images search" - Suggestion for Google

We all Know that if we put a Text in "Google Image search Box" it will Display all the Images which is Related to That Text..
But My Idea is That If Google Introduce a New Search Box That  named as"Images 2 Images" then We Can get Lots of Benefits...
"Images 2 Images" is nothing But a Search Box Like "Google Image Search box”. But "Images 2 Images" will take "Image" instead of "Text" in the Search Box.
And Results should be displayed as
1) About that Image
2) Similar Images
3) Detailed Information about that Particular Image

If these type of search box implements by Google
Then We Can Easily Find information about a Person, Animal and Place etc...
If we arrest any Terrorist Then We Can also find the Information about that Terrorists B@st@rds
1) From where they came
2) Full detailed information about that

Do you think from where Google will get these all information!!!!!!!....
Google "images 2 images" Should have to collect From Each and Every country about the Population Statistics and information about each and every Person....
It is very hard... But it is not impossible....
So Google Try to Implement "images 2 images" Search Box...

From Sunny


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3 comentarios

  • sunny619

    Thank you astuledano... yeah i suggested this idea especially for Google.. through Ideas4all.com
    Thanks for your Comment..

    From sunny619

  • astuledano

    this idea is cool, they should read it

  • spandana

    Yeah!!! Sunny619 Nice Idea....

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