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Create an application that will help you send requests or get help from your friends who may happen to be in the same locality. 

For eg: Say Im in location A and i need a drop home, instead of calling up all my friends and checking if anyone is nearby to location A and if they could drop me. I could just post my location and the request in the mobi portal, it will buzz all the friends in my network if they are within 5miles of radius from location A.

Working: as cellphone work based on CELL areas, we could identify where or which locality a particular cellphone is. with this info we could find the friends who are in proximity and automaticaaly broadcast the help request.

Benefits: It would be so helpful in many situations. Many a times we would be stuck up somewhere without any help, one of your friends could have actually been around but you would never know. later you will realize that it would have been of great help if you knew your friend was there. so this app can help you to get in touch with someone you know in the radius, even when you are not aware they are there.


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  • Dreamyangel

    Good idea, I vote you, see my idea :) udios_con_juegos_porque_estudiar_puede_ser_entretenido

  • kgs

    Rather than pressing numbers, sending SMS, there has to be a PANIC button. Good idea, v+

  • Stgmj

    good idea,kindly see my ideas

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