Practical and Career Education for School Students in India via an indigenous Educational Lab

The Education System in India is theory oriented, with little or no focus on the practical aspect of education, which leaves a massive gap in the level of practical knowledge acquired by the Indian students. The practical sessions and classes, included in the School as well as in the College Curriculum, are not sufficient for the overall Academic Growth of students. Most schools, today, do not have the necessary tools and resources to implement Practice based Education in their schools. This requires heavy monetary and human capital investment from the school’s part, which they are usually reluctant to undertake. The consequence is a poorer level of R&D in our country as compared to our developed counterparts.

Our company will work in the education sector where we will provide Value Added Education to school students from classes 6 – 12 through projects, practical training, career education etc. Our Company’s sole aim will be to empower students and help them take crucial decisions at the most important junctions in their lives along with adding value to the vast Human Resource of India and facilitating greater R&D.
Our target market is the 198,094 secondary schools and 116,820 senior secondary schools in India and we will differentiate ourselves as a new market vertical.

Product Details and Specifications

• Gyan Labs
• extra mile

While Gyan Labs will be a facility to be set up in Partner Schools where students would be enabled to work on practical models and simulation relating to their curriculum in order to enhance their knowledge on the particular topic, KAREER GROOVES will be a service to counsel students on various competitions, career decisions through the means of books which actually empowers to become their own counselors. extra mile will be an additional facility where students would be taken for field trips to nearby industries and factories and attend guest lectures by eminent personalities in all fields of life.

Our motto of ‘Ngage Students to Mpower India’ clearly shows our dedication to bring about a revolution in the education sector. The current economy is a knowledge economy wherein more knowledge necessarily is a driver of the economy.

Currently, we are in the stage where we will be working for the "Proof of Concept" of  our idea by running a pilot test in a school. We are looking for funding for the same and winning this competition will definitely help us realise our goal for a better India.




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  • rachael
    10 de septiembre 12:39

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  • swill
    25 de marzo 09:41

    i have better ideals

  • santhosh_trans
    20 de julio 08:28

    Hi, I like to know more about the funding you are expecting, Mail me to

  • rosa guerrero
    24 de enero 17:12

    Felicidades por llegar hasta aca

    23 de enero 14:39

    The current indian economy -where more knowledge necessarily is a driver of the economy, makes the running of your pilot test in a school a very good idea. I think is interesting and inspirating. Hope you are right! Congratulations and I wish you good luck in this Big Bang Challenge.

  • rosa guerrero
    04 de enero 16:28


  • jainnishant
    31 de diciembre 18:20

    prodigious ..!! it'l change the current methodology of whole education system..

  • Saraf
    31 de diciembre 08:33

    India really need these ideas to be implemented which will be beneficial to coming generations. Great going guys. Wish you all the best.

  • elleschembri
    29 de diciembre 18:58

    Really good idea, hope it gets implemented :)

  • Rujhan
    28 de diciembre 18:43

    Awesome idea!...m sure gonna follow up on this..

  • rahuljindal
    24 de diciembre 08:50

    Great idea guys. We need something like that.
    Best of luck in your endeavors. :)

  • KVB
    22 de diciembre 18:07

    All the Best guys!! Hope you bring your idea to fruition soon..

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