Why dont we have PTT in uk

theres a great thing thats in the usa atm which is called PTT (push to talk) which is availble on some phones but in uk and europe its not avaible to us and basically you sign up for it and you use ur phone like a wakie talki to other phones with the same feature for free it has been proved really popular in the usa and networks are charging the equivilant of 1.50 a month to use it which is really reasonable for unlimited access to it....anyone want to see this in the uk? see wat u think....
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  • Sachin G.
    29 de abril 17:24

    As the PTT is very useful to communicate not only in UK it should be in every country.

  • robbies72
    10 de febrero 19:47

    this is a brilliant idea , unfortunately it is so good it would never be allowed by our profit orientated business/ banking leaders and the government would have to find a way of taxing it .

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