Safety in the Banks

I want to suggest to the banks.The problem what i face whenever i go to the bank for withdrawal my money. i feel insecure.due to the open area in the bank. because first we have to stand in the queue of cash counter & so many person stand beside and behind us.if you withdrawal little amt. from the bank it is fine.but if you want to withdrawal heavy amt from the bank. it is not fine. it scares due to the open area in the bank.while taking money everybody eyes on may happen somebody chase & loot you on the way and it has happend so many times. so i suggest to the bank that there must be a separate cabin for cash withdrawing .in that cabin only one person must be allowed for withdrawal that no one can judge us how much money we are withdrawal. By this rule we will be safe from the snatchers.
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  • kgs

    Good idea, cash withdrawing area ca be easily covered. V+

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