Digital Pen Gesture for Smart Mobile phones

Problem Definition:
To create a digital pen gesture interface for smart phones using communication link via blue tooth .

Breaking down the communication barrier between mobile and human understanding by using a seamless way of communication via a digital makeshift pen. We have been brought up by making use of pen and paper, so the main goal her is instead of adapting to the device by using touchscreens or joysticks we make the device understand and adapt to our requirement. This can be implemented using a makeshift pen such as a blue tooth mouse being connected to the pen and tracking its co-ordinate for various purposes such as hand-writing recognition for making notes, using various mobile services such as a media player, mobile camera, browsing Internet, writing text messages, updating their personal calendar, setting reminder, alarms etc. by using a simple notations. The application is limitless and depends upon one’s imagination. So without having to touch the phone one can do many things simply by using our makeshift pen.The pen need not necessarily have to be written on paper just use any normal surface and its co-ordinate will tracked for Mobile's various application purpose. Design The Mobile Based Software is to be developed for various Mobile devices to detect and analysis signal from the Blue tooth Digital pen. The design for the Digital pen is similar to Blue tooth enabled mouse used in Laptops. The Mobile application is to be designed in a cross platform manner so that all Smart Phone can be used. In this basically the handwriting is recognized and triggers various operations as per user’s requirement. This is implemented using J2ME or java. Limitation Can be used to link with one mobile device at one time Requires a Blue tooth enabled phone. The sensor doesn't work on a glossy surface. Hardware and software Optical Sensor, Motion Sensor, J2ME, C++, bluetooth module. 

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