Trucks That Suck

I see gas prices over $4 a gallon.  I look around town and see over half the folks on the road driving pick up trucks.  I know that demand and supply for gasoline are linked.  I see all these trucks driving around with only one person.  I see F-150 super cabs and their occupant dropping off a video tape at Blockbuster with nothing in the bed of the truck.

I think these folks need to be disallowed to drive their trucks around for casual purposes.  If you need a truck for business purposes, fine.  Just quit driving the trucks around town and wasting all of the worlds gasoline to run to the store for a pack of cigarettes.  If you get caught driving your truck around with out a load - you should get fined - or have your vehicle taken.  You are wasting gasoline and destroying our environment.  Can;t afford a truck and a car?  Get rid of the truck.

Ever park your car in the parking lot and have two trucks park on either side of you?  You come out, try to back out of the space and can't see a thing because these idiots hae their trucks jacked up on it's wheel base adn risk hitting another vehicle or running over a pedestrian because these trucks impair your vision.  This comment is for those that claim that driving a truck is so much safer than a car.  Really?  Why are there more truck accidents logged at the local PD than car accidents?

Sorry - just venting, I guess.  But seriously, these folks driving their trudcks to get a cup of Starbucks are wasting our gas, killing the environment and creating dangers to the rest of us driving "normal" vehicles.
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