A new internet based market force that will generate millions of dollars for poor people and social sector.

We are planning to effect a change in how the internet  market works . This will drive the market towards our company . Our company will offer the same services as offered , but with a new concept that will drive people to us. The concept has a 100% proof why people will be driven to us .
Revenues made will be less , but eventually , when this trend will permeate the internet market , there will be millions of dollars made in adddition to millions of dollars in social sector .
Competition will ensure more companies like us , which will attract more money in social sector.
The concept does not ask for donations for helping people . It focuses on changing the market force so that money is automatically diverted towards the social sector.

The best part is , even if we fail , the force will continue in the market , and eventually , a volume of market money will be directed towards social welfare .
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