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Ever get frustrated when you're trying to scoop out the fish in your tank and the straight handle scoop just isn't cutting it?  We need a scoop that bends, or even one that is already bent.  The fish are just too hard to scoop out when they're swimming all over the tank!  Help us with a better scoop!

{building on starting here per comment on idea}

This is a great idea, it helps with long fish tanks.  But with tall fish tanks, the problem I find as a long time fish keeper and breeder, is that the handles aren't long enough.  Perhaps a longer handle that bends?  Flexible?  Telescoping?  I usually use a great big net, it makes fishing those little guys out much easier...but they leave something to be desired in the way of handling.
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2 comentarios

  • minnie
    03 de junio 18:17

    I know exactly what you mean i used to have guppies and angel fishes and it was hard. Good idea for an entrepreneur to invest and develop

  • MaryT
    02 de junio 03:17

    Good idea ;)

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