How to combine hardcore exercise with a great night out....

At my gym we have a dark room full of exercise bikes, cross trainers and treadmills. On the wall there is a massive LCD screen showing music videos (which you can choose on a jukebox). The result: loud music blaring out as you would have in a club, but with exercise at the same time. Fantastic!

My idea is to extend this to an arena-sized venue and instead of a jukebox, have a recognised professional DJ providing the music/entertainment.

If anybody knows of a similar event which currently exists I would love to hear about it. If not, then there is a HUGE gap in the market and someone (with more time and money than I have) could make an absolute fortune, as well as providing a public service for people who want to go out and listen to great music with their mates, whilst at the same time lose a bit of weight and get in shape for their holidays.

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  • moria
    04 de junio 17:44

    I am not sure I understand the idea: is it to create an open air disco? or an open air gym, with a trainer and all? Thanks!

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