Walkers Pick N` Mix

Do you get sick of the same old variety packs of crisps available? Do you often get left with a lot of bags of one flavour of crisp because it`s the least favourite in your household?  (cheese and onion in my house!)  I tried contacting Walkers with this idea, to no avail.  
  My idea is The Walkers Pick N` Mix!!  So you only get the flavours YOU WANT. Supermarkets don`t stock a good selection of single bags these days & it`s far more economical to buy a multipack, so why not let us choose what we want! It would be easy to have pick n` mix bags, which could be barcoded on weight for either a 6, 12 or 24 pack.
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  • minnie
    03 de junio 18:21

    its a good idea the only problem is it needs to be clean environment, gloves scoops and the like

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