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I think it is a very good idea to make a cap type m/c  or a chip to plant in your brain which track the good and bad ideas and store then in a global server so that no one can can claim others idea as there own..besides police can see the bad ideas and may be able to stop the future crime...

to keep privecy any one can use firewall type of things to block privet ideas... :-)
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  • elcondepy
    05 de noviembre 22:53

    this is a kind of sci-fi idea, it remains me some movies of the future.
    i think the future it will be like this, what i don`t know if this will suppose so much control of the governament on the people. Regards.

  • paula
    02 de junio 19:02

    it's a kind of Minority Report, isn't it?

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