Educating, Job & Property at less than 100 Euro.


I see a huge difference in employability and skills that the resources possess, as a result there is always a demand for good people and a derth of people who are educated yet are unemployed. What they lack is skills specific to the job requirement.

I intend to start an online and offline Property site in less than Euro100.

I will use ready made modules/scripts to enable this websites to start functioning and support the sales through offline and online by marketing it heavily in the local area first. I will also include vocational training section (learning management system=LMS), which will impart education to sector specific/industry specific employability of the masses.

Then in the next stage I will carry it to city level and include few more areas.

After that I will carry it to State level to include even larger area and then finally the whole country.

While the sites for LMS & Jobs will function in weekdays. I will lay emphasis on Property part on Weekends, since it is in week ends in most of the Asian countries that the viewing and finalization of the property is done. This way I can keep myself occupied the whole week.

This will take time to reach the desiered goal; however nothing is won/reached in hurry.

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