Buildings Designed To Collapse

This may seem like a strange Idea to propose, and counter to everything that would seem to make sense, but I think it may be one that can save lives in the event of catastrophe where buildings are concerned.

Sadly, we see a lot of instances of natural disasters in the news these days, not to mention the effects of terrorist actions, which leave buildings destroyed and the people inside trapped or killed.
        Indeed, most of the loss of life and problems rescuing people is due to falling or flying building debris and material after the fact of the event which caused the collapse.  And while modern building engineering methods, designs and technologies go a long way to reduce this effect, no matter how well a building is designed, how strong the materials used in it's construction, or the attention paid to the likely events which may cause such an outcome, it is all too frequently demonstrated to us that our estimation of what may occur can often be wrong, and an event which exceeds our most dilligent planning, however improbale, could happen... with disasterous results.

So why not add an extra feature of the design of new buildings, as a safeguard, whereby, having designed the building to withstand the most extraordinary events we can think of, once those tolerances are exceeded, through an occurance beyond even that which was thought possible, and the building does fall, it is designed to fall in a planned, designed, and sturctured way, that gives those inside the best chance for survival and escape.

If you can be sure that a building will fall in a predictable pattern in such circumstances, you can change the way it collapses to allow spaces and escape routes within the damaged structure to be left free, accessable, and strong enough to shelter survivors without fear of subsequent material collapses due to rescue efforts... and you can incorporate such things as air passages and vents through the 'organised desturction' for communication and food and water drops to those inside until they can be freed. 


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