The Democrabus

The Democrabus is my solution to public transport. Given that the challenge is to get the greatest number of people closest to where they live, why not combine the least bad method of government - democracy - with the omnibus, and give each passenger left/right voting buttons? As the Democrabus approaches a junction, they vote for the direction they want to take. In the event of a ‘hung bus’, the driver gets the casting vote.
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  • mvinsac
    06 de junio 15:07

    and what do you do if the rest of passengers want to turn left and you need to go to the right? you get off and try again with another bus? don't you think it can be a waste of time for those who are a minority? Can you imagine if you lived on the last house of the street? nobody would have interest in getting there...

  • el último xel’naga
    09 de octubre 17:01

    Hello Brendanagainetc. If I amount to the BUS is to go to a destination in particular, not to go anywhere else.

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