Mobile phone art

I was playing around with my Sony Ericsson mobile phone the other day, and demonstrated to someone how you can get feedback on them by dialling their number, putting both phones onto speaker mode and pointing them at each other. The results can be quite freaky. Furthermore, Sony Ericssons have lights on them which can be set to the ‘SOS’ dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot pattern. So, get a dark room, fill it with hundreds of mobile phones, pair them up, dial the numbers, get the feedback, set the flashes. Hey presto - installation art. It would almost be like an evening in a ‘tech jungle’ with feedback treefrogs and SOS insects. And it would slowly end too as each phone’s battery gave out. You could even have people contributing their phones and turn it into a social art experiment. All I need is to find a mobile phone brand that supports the arts.
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4 comentarios

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 19:07

    good aportation friend

  • paula
    20 de junio 16:53

    coooooooool idea!i`d really like to see some mobile phone art ;)

  • moria
    04 de junio 18:32

    You have my mobile!

  • echeva
    03 de junio 16:14

    Hey! That's creativity! Kudos!

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