Save Energy . . .Save Money

They say that one of the best ways to save energy is to completely turn off all electronic devices and not leave them on standby.  For example your TV, stereo, computer, etc.  If we want to make people do this, we need to make it EASY.  How about a single switch, easy to hit when you leave the house or go to bed, that will turn off completely ALL devices in your house.  When you hit on, it will place the devices on standby.
Saving a lot of energy for the planet.
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2 comentarios

  • hamzajhk
    31 de marzo 18:50

    yes it is a good idea, but a single switch can create a problem, one cannot switch off refrigerator at night or some useful devices like that,

  • el último xel’naga
    08 de octubre 21:19

    But also stops the refrigerator?

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