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En esta idea estamos viendo como funciona el edito rico de texto en ideas4allAqui vamos a adjuntar una imagen: 

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Public registers of the energy used in Academics/ Informaciones públicas sobre la energía gastada en centros académicos

ENG: Universities and schools have many people working daily. The resources they have sometimes are not under control. To publish estatistics of the energy consumed (light), or the material (specia...

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Built on generation of electricity from high buildings

there are two important ways to "COLLECT"  electric energy from skyscrappers !, collect the waste water into one single tank on each floor -- and then use the potential energy of that to propel a g...

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No desperdiciar agua desechada de embalses para regadío.

 Hay muchos embalses que en los últimos días están deshaciéndose de agua y ese agua se desperdicia sin más.¿No podría utilizarse parte de ese agua?. Utilizar camiones cisternas para que al menos pa...

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 water is the main living source for every living being. Its a natures gift to all. At present the drinking water has become a main business commodity in india. Previous governments gave permission...

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ENDANGERED BIRDS AND FLOWERS - picture them in every open space in the WORLD

 For the entire world: In every country, let every available open space be used to depict the pictures of endangered birds/ flowers to help the current and future generations to learn for themselve...

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Flood Sucker

Properly Described, this is a Flood Water Suction Bag.An expanding rubber bag (more fun with wheel inner tubes?), that is deployed upon excess ground water caused by flooding, where it floats on th...

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Ice Block Flood Buster

Many parts of the world are currently subject to excessive rainfall, extreme weather patterns which has caused a great deal of flooding. This causes a vast a mount of damage to properties, as well ...

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La domanda è un altra, perchè è così difficile capire di fare attività sportiva?

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An Ecological Restaurant

 It would work exacly like a normal restaurant, but the food would be grown in the very restaurant, on the roof, in the garden, everywhere! and it could be cooked with solar ovens. 

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 Every one knows about Graphene - a two dimensional sheet of carbon that holds lot of promise in a wide variety of applications. Graphene synthesis is possible using a wide number of ways. One impo...

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Wind Fish

In this Idea, low level wind energy is collected and accumulated by means of many small strips of rigid material arranged on vertical wires, or staves, set within a frame (i), to which they are at...

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