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low pressure horns

delhi is the capital of india and it is also the capital of cars(thats my view).automobile sector is growing rapidly and it is resulting in inceasing the pollution levels(sound).i would like to hav...

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Intelligent use of wasted Human Body Energy

On the one hand: energy is getting scarce and expensive. On the other hand: people are getting fat and unhealthyHow about transforming our own wasted body energy into energy ?Killer application: a ...

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Multiple pipe system for reusing water at home

We wash vegetables in our kitchen and perfectly clean water is gone to the sewer system. We want to take a hot shower and running water is lost during a few minutes.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a ...

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MYRECYSCORE.COM. My recycling records common environmental Universal site

myrecycscore.com. My recycling records common universal site. Everyone signs up voluntarily for an account to record all things recycled at home or at office as a person not as a company. The indiv...

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