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Bulto sombrilla

 Sombrilla sin manos

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Pequeños espacios donde descansar en grandes almacenes // Small spaces for resting at big stores

El otro día acompañé a una amiga embarazada a Ikea. Mientras recorrimos la parte de arriba todo iba bien, está el área de descanso, el restaurante, los sofás, etc. El tema fue cuando nos tocó la pa...

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Irregular Anti-Earthquake Walls

There are many methods devised for new high rise buildings constructed of steel and glass that enable them to withstand the shock of earthquakes. But the problem is that they are incredibly expensi...

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Lenticular Roof Tiles

Previously, I posted an idea for Photo-Responsive Roof Tiles, which could become darker or lighter in colour in order to both reflect more sunlight back into space in accordance with the albedo pri...

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Sounds are not necessary

Nowadays, there are several other options to use as alarm clock othen than ringing. You could use liquids as spray, just to bother you, sensors in bed to shake it or something like that, sensors in...

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Rolling Coasters

This is an idea for a solution to something that always bugs me...Whenever I am at someone's house who likes to have people place their cups on coasters, in order to prevent stains on tables from h...

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Doppler Disguise

I've been listening to pigeons....They are not terrific conversationalists.But the reason I have been paying attention to their various noises is that it struck me that they hoot when they fly, and...

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Drop down Wall-Floor

 Here's an idea for an architectural feature which may prove complicated, but have quite a pleasing function and appearance. I have seen in some house building TV programmes people who have made wa...

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Self-Bracing Arch

As a Variation or progression of my reciprocal arch idea, I have designed this single piece, self bracing arch pattern, which can be made by cutting the wooden beam with an appropriate saw, then st...

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Device to show if a door is locked

Situation: You sit in an office. The nearest toilet is far away. You get up, walk the distance and when arriving - you find that someone is already in there. Either you stand outside the door liste...

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Office Cleaning in London

It goes without saying that almost all of offices in London, or anyplace on this planet for that matter, develop into cluttered and dirty throughout simple day after day operation. Whether or not a...

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Cleaning Services - A Need of Your Home and Office

It's a frequent apply for each one in all us that after getting drained from hectic each day routine of the workplace, we usually wish to take some rest and contain in social activities. Although, ...

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