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Cell phone mishap

 Since your cell phone fell into the sink , i presume you have recovered it. I think it is best to disassemble your phone part by part and let it dry in the sunlight as some amount of water would h...

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Try these sites

 Hi,You can try these sites: www.a1vbcode.com/code.asp?type=vb www.freevbcode.com www.vbcode.com www.devx.comwww.codeproject.comHope that helps.Regards,Pradeep K,Senior Sofware Engineer

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Idle IT infrastructure

If u r having 10 computers with internet connection just make it as an browsing center.it can earn a silent income and you also having printer so it is easy for you to earn by taking print out also...

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 keea a good computer operator

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Research in forums and other places discussing your theme.

Take a look at this article... http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-5033015.html?articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-5033015.htmlThereare lots of discussions here about the qu...

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try helping community projects on the internet

You can try donating computer time to internet projects that can be of good use to your people and the rest of the world.   One such project is Tor, the anonimity software that helps keep people fi...

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Processor Cooling Fan

HiSounds may be caused by the processor cooling fan.  Replace or repair it

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Do some online and offline promotion.

Hey, you can do some online promotion like submitting your website to popular websites, do some social bookmarking some sites are Digg, Reddit, Delicious and promote via social media sites like Twi...

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Have to make some changes in php.ini

in php folder find php.ini and and find doc_root="" and in the "" give the path of new location like doc_root ="C:\public_html" . And WAMP is not good its best to install apache, php, mysql seprate...

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 hi.....for mini project, you can make a syatem counting incoming people in shop or office by using photodiode...

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save life of people

hi mymwas given on your profile you are from mumbai and local trains are the life line of mubai but you also know that every year more than 500 people are dead during track crossingyou are electron...

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TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

 Please remove your RAM once n clean it, Fix it again. Hope u r problem ll be solved!!!

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