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crear una red social de gustos

 crear una red social de gustos

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a machine that connect the people's dreams

i know that is VERY difficult but imagine a machine that can connect people but in dreams it will be awsome, Exampe i have the machine an my brother have another and I send to him a message asking ...

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Vacuum Kettle Cap

Water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes. Meaning less energy is required to boil it.This is due to the reduced atmospheric pressure.What if we could replicate these higher altitude co...

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Energy Dispersal Body Armour

 This is an idea for a new type of bullet proof body armour construction. I did seriously consider whether I should post this one or not, as being a committed (and considered) Pacifist, I would nev...

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Asteroid Catapult

Yet another way I thought of to tackle the problem of stray asteroids floating towards us in space... It just occurred to me that it might be possible to catapult an asteroid along a different traj...

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Tornado Lanes

Another Idea for how to stop a Tornado now... … This time, instead of making it choke on itself, I propose a method of sucking the whole thing out of the sky, and diffusing it's energetic winds thr...

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Optical Web Browser

What will the internet of the future look like? How will Web 3.0, or above be different from what we have now?  (This is going to take some explaining!) At the moment we navigate through the availa...

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How To Stop A Tornado

  Question: What is the one thing that has the power to shut down a tornado?  Answer: ...The Tornado itself.  In the wake of the recent devastation caused by a tornado in America, I wondered to mys...

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Hot Words

This is an idea for a programme or application that could clean up the content of comments sections on the internet, stop cyber-bullying, and defeat the trolls! It is an idea that speaks to the sen...

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"A Thing"

I'm not exactly sure what this is, what it's for, or what it does... I only know how it works! (maybe you can come up with a purpose for it?) The idea was basically born from the concept of an arch...

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windows antivirus that runs from linux

an antivirus for windows that is installed in linux; it scan the windows partition looking for virus and must besmart enough to not corrupt the windows system. The advantage is that a windows virus...

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Sky Launch

 Here's an Idea for all the Amateur rocket enthusiasts out there... possibly the professionals too!  The problem with making a rocket that can be launched into space is overcoming the earth's gravi...

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