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Advertise your Business today by Web advertising

With the amazing power of the Internet Advertise your business @ Rs.2750/- and optimize maximum benefit through advertising. We will help you to market your company and product online and be viewed...

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cutting cost by setting advertisement as caller/hello tune

 we all have caller/hello tune on mobile. a tune which person hears when he dials a number.imagine, pepsii company will pay the receiver or that service provider upon playing the audio advertisemen...

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Google Have to Introduce a new service

Hello Every One.I am using gmail many time in day. and i was found that Task Facility also you know very well. But some time we are too busy in mailing than we forgot some little things.So i am thi...

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Many Mobile companies are relayes on Ring Tone and Caller tunes to make cheap income?????  why cant they change?????    (  I WAS USING A CDMA HANDSET  which is too cheap,  and  at a Ralway station ...

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Watch British TV Abroad anywhere in the world

A reliable UK proxy service allows you to watch all British TV channels from anywhere in the world online. A low cost service and takes only minutes to install. Visit www.britishtvanywhere.com[www....

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Torent Files - Menance of the Society

BitTorrent was first shown to the world back in 2002 when it was used to distribute Linux software online, soon after this sites were being set up to distribute illegal files. Supranova is one of m...

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Doctor appointments over the internet (Translation of idea nº 1270)

Idea translated: nº 1270 of ideator PaulaIt would be a good idea for private medical insurance to offer a service for online doctor appointments. That is, give you the opportunity to view, online, ...

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