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Anti-puncture tires (Skupper-x)

innovative anti-puncture tires more comfortable for a better trip, for long trips and ascent, for rough terrains with a reasonable pricePEOPLE WHO CAN BE HELPEDfor people who live in rough and wet ...

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Mid-Engined Aeroplane

I was bored, David Cameron was on the T.V banging on about something or other (I think he'd turned up to the opening of an envelope or something, and was basking in the glow of someone elses glory,...

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Twist-Up Bicycle Wheel

The fold away bicycle is something that commuters often like to have, as they can jump on the train, travel into a city, then erect their bike when they get off, and cycle the rest of the way to wo...

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Easy Change Hotel Bed

 A simple Idea (and very hastily drawn!) for a type of bed with a pedal operated, elevating matress, for quick and more convenient changes of bed linnen, which may be of particular use in the hotel...

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Count faster the total passengers on an airplane.

Sólo contamos los asientos vacíos y los restamos del total de la capacidad del avión. Just count the empty seats and substrate from the total capacity

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EUREKA_2012.docxWith little modifications in the design, we can use Tower Cranes in Public Transportaion.  With this project, there will be unlimited demand all over the world.  A lot of Fossil Fue...

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In The Pilgrim's Way

Bit of a rambling tale this one, but there is an idea at the end of it for those with patience.At the beginning of the Summer I decided to fulfil one one of my long standing ambitions and go for a ...

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Holiday Clothes

Leave It All Behind YouWouldn't it be simpler if you didn't have to take any luggage with you when you travelled abroad?...Well, why not do just that?How many of us have taken advantage of the inte...

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The forklift parts are turning out to be in good demand at online stores

The Forklift trucks are basically small trucks which carry different finished or raw goods from bigger trucks to warehouse and vice-versa. Their presence simply reduces the manual labor to move hea...

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Places to visit near the Parador Granada

Parador Granada is amongst the best position to visit and stay in Spain. People from different parts of the world and Europe flock at Granada Parador and connect them to the medieval past staying i...

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Earth visa – A complete travel visa

Providing a complete travel visa to all countries, it will initiate travelers to visit more countries. Every country following different visa fees and procedures. Making easy all these process, and...

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Travel Without Luggage on Planes

Air travellers, airline companies and government security departments at airports face numerous problems dealing with luggage of passengers. It is expensive to transport cargo by air. It is time-co...

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