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Recomendaciones entre empresas de alimentación en las etiquetas.

Hay muchos alimentos, como los huevos, por ejemplo, que se cocinan con aceite y sal y por supuesto, no tienen el mismo sabor, con éste o con aquel aceite ni con ésta o con aquella sal. Podrían a tr...

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Straws at the bottom of soda cans// pajitas en el borde del fondo de las latas de refresco

Most of soda cans have a concavity at the bottom. Just there could be set a sealed and rolled straw that would be so useful for single sodas spent at vending machines or in stores where they have b...

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Homemade Healthy Lunch Office-Delivery / Comida casera y sana "entrega-en-oficina"

An on-lunch-time delivery service based on a healthy tailored menu. You select your type menu option (vegetarian, vegan, dairy...) and lunch time then your tailored menu is delivered on time every ...

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Worktop Gutters

When cleaning residue from kitchen worktops after food preperation, you hope to catch it all a cloth as you wipe the surface over, but often I find that some of it simply gets wiped off the surface...

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Tree Vendors

  This is an Idea for a net for a tree to catch falling fruit and maybe keep cats out of the way of birds in the process.5-7 Bars of the shape illustrated in my drawing diagram are connected to eac...

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Public Orchards

In These tough economic times, even finding the money for basic food needs is getting tough for some. Certainly healthy food choices or nutritional dietary supplements is out of the question, as th...

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Thrice Cubes

Tastes Like Neat SpiritsThis is an idea making a flavour changing ice cube for beverages... or it might even be a new type of beverage altogether!Provisionally I would call it the constant cocktail...

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The traditionally used food grains and organic manure and pesticide does not harm the health .The latest cross breed and other high yield products with pesticides create lot of health problem.So th...

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