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Easy way for cold shoes

The easiest solution does not reside in the footwear, but in the templates, you can add a plastic layer with gel beads (you can buy at any store), later joined with adhesive both parties can procee...

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Baby Sensor

This device helps us when our baby finishes his needs as it has built-in sensor in the upper front, that turn on to notiffy his parents so that when the sensor is turned on, they resort to change t...

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Good Memory Box - Caja de Buenas Memorias.

A box of good memories. A scrapbook box with good messages from the people we love. We can also share with the box positive messages that we hear or write to us on social networks. As a reminder of...

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Recomendaciones entre empresas de alimentación en las etiquetas.

Hay muchos alimentos, como los huevos, por ejemplo, que se cocinan con aceite y sal y por supuesto, no tienen el mismo sabor, con éste o con aquel aceite ni con ésta o con aquella sal. Podrían a tr...

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Bulto sombrilla

 Sombrilla sin manos

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App for cancer patients!

 The idea is to create an App that helps satisfy specific necessities of cancer patients such as:Track symptoms and inform patients of tests needed.Track test results, including: blood pressure, te...

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Pequeños espacios donde descansar en grandes almacenes // Small spaces for resting at big stores

El otro día acompañé a una amiga embarazada a Ikea. Mientras recorrimos la parte de arriba todo iba bien, está el área de descanso, el restaurante, los sofás, etc. El tema fue cuando nos tocó la pa...

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Straws at the bottom of soda cans// pajitas en el borde del fondo de las latas de refresco

Most of soda cans have a concavity at the bottom. Just there could be set a sealed and rolled straw that would be so useful for single sodas spent at vending machines or in stores where they have b...

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Basic points associated with buying adidas zx flux online

Buying sneakers online is not as simple task as you think. There are so many websites present to shop that buying a perfect pair of shoes becomes a taxing job. Find latest collection of brands like...

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secure bathing suit

my idea is to maake a bathing suit with a compartment that can be inflated with a small tube like a flexible straw and desinflated afterwards This can be used in an emergency or just for going sw...

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Another Way Wheelchairs Go Up Stairs!

I think I've cracked it!… In my previous Idea: en.ideas4all.com/ideas/136889-how-wheelchairs-go-up-stairs, I loosely described the principles upon which a mechanism could be designed whereby a whee...

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 Swaachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat - every one has come across this slogan. This is the need of the hour. as a teacher, emphasized the importance of the keeping the school road clean and implemented it...

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