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Easy way for cold shoes

The easiest solution does not reside in the footwear, but in the templates, you can add a plastic layer with gel beads (you can buy at any store), later joined with adhesive both parties can procee...

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Baby Sensor

This device helps us when our baby finishes his needs as it has built-in sensor in the upper front, that turn on to notiffy his parents so that when the sensor is turned on, they resort to change t...

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Good Memory Box - Caja de Buenas Memorias.

A box of good memories. A scrapbook box with good messages from the people we love. We can also share with the box positive messages that we hear or write to us on social networks. As a reminder of...

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App for cancer patients!

 The idea is to create an App that helps satisfy specific necessities of cancer patients such as:Track symptoms and inform patients of tests needed.Track test results, including: blood pressure, te...

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Basic points associated with buying adidas zx flux online

Buying sneakers online is not as simple task as you think. There are so many websites present to shop that buying a perfect pair of shoes becomes a taxing job. Find latest collection of brands like...

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secure bathing suit

my idea is to maake a bathing suit with a compartment that can be inflated with a small tube like a flexible straw and desinflated afterwards This can be used in an emergency or just for going sw...

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Another Way Wheelchairs Go Up Stairs!

I think I've cracked it!… In my previous Idea: en.ideas4all.com/ideas/136889-how-wheelchairs-go-up-stairs, I loosely described the principles upon which a mechanism could be designed whereby a whee...

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 Swaachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat - every one has come across this slogan. This is the need of the hour. as a teacher, emphasized the importance of the keeping the school road clean and implemented it...

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The Human Metronome

Following on from my previous idea Hydraulic knee brace, and in order to demonstrate how different methods may be employed to utilise the principle of redistributing the body's own forces from stro...

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Hydraulic Knee Brace

This, I hope, will be the first in a series of ideas that aim to mechanically assist the natural actions of the body in performing their functions adequately, and typically, where injury, or other ...

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Power generator gym

Well in youtube, we can find something similar to this. www.youtube.com/watchIn this advertaisment, the bicycle energy is used to light up a building with a man dancing. Instead of this we could re...

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Immune System Redundancy Syndrome

Just as the little toe is becoming a superfluous physical feature of our bodies, and the Appendix too, through process of evolution has been rendered an obsolete piece of biological furniture, due ...

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