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Low cost Wi-Fi internet center

I m from India. In my country, internet access is a dream for many people. Very few internet centers only available, that too people would become tired using those centers. Data rates would be very...

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Ideas to improve facebook's chat

I think Facebook MUST develop further its chat settings. Every user should be able to custom a personal message, to choose whether to appear as "busy", "invisible"... etc.I am sure everyone of us h...

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Sellos virtuales para emails /// Virtual stamps for email

(scroll down to read the English version)Por el correo tradicional se utiliza sellos en varios colores y tamaños, sellos nos ayudan a saber nuestra identidad, el origen nacional. También sellos ref...

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Video e-mail

Video e-mail: ¿Cuándo podemos esperar de vídeo e-mail para que podamos comunicar en nuestro propio launguage, también podemos tener conferencia acuerdo con las personas seleccionadas. Mediante el ...

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Website to expose damaged landscapes

It would be great to create a website where everybody could include photos of places, villages, landscapes etc. that are damaged, have been neglected, are being destroyed etc. The photos could be a...

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Website to barter or give away used Baby stuff

Most of my friends and family have had kids. While they were babies, their parents accumulated a zillion things for them: clothing, toys, strollers, mini bathtubs, mini sheets... Many of those thin...

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Global Flower online franchise. Social network of supply demand for flowers. I post my need in internet and you place your flower delivery home price offer and service associated to it. Local flowe...

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