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Politica y Sociedad

Preciosos Regalos /// Precious Gift

De repuesto, compartir y pasar suficiente tiempo con sus seres queridos, evitar todos los gadgets y gizmos. Este será el mejor regalo que puede dar para siempre.------------------------------------...

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Vida & Salud

Improving your health

Some ways to improve your health are very easy to perform: do some exercise, eat coconut -not light one- in your diet every day (contains lauric acid, also present in breast milk), pineapple (conta...

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Casa & Mascotas

Quitar el sucio del cuello de las camisas

Debes limpiar muy bien mientras te banas tu cuello y Capich

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Vida & Salud

killing wasps

I've tried killing wasps with a phosphorus, a piece of cloth, a broomstick and kerosene, but the fire was out of controll, so, don't repeat this.

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Sending documents through image files.

At times, it becomes very difficult to send documents (specially, .doc or .pdf files) through secured n/w of companies. Companies don't want their documents to be sent over internet. In that case, ...

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Turismo & Viajes


its a common scene on main roads,lanes,by-lanes. u can't say its a bad driver; its bad habbit of driving. as u mentioned, that happens in daily routine. yes, it's difficult tobe calm & under contro...

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Casa & Mascotas

Barking dogs.

If dogs are barking at you, you also start barking at them either they will run away or will bite you.This is really a bad idea.

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Vida & Salud

to grow...

hey theres a lot you can do.... if you go to gyms and ask the trainers... some might advice you to take steroids which are very bad for your health and might have some side effects.... therefore to...

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Vida & Salud

how to come out from the love pain ?

1, watever remaining that love remeberane ,dont try to think off that2,always try to be with who ever wat ever gives u the happiness be stay with that3,any body more cares on u dont hesitate him/he...

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Vida & Salud

Abolish Money

Get back to the old bartering/trading of goods and services for the same. You could still make wealth and aviod fickle banking systems. it would also make a lot of people more active in search of a...

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Vida & Salud

Energy powder for good health

Hi,i am telling you all how to make  healthy powder at home that gives us strength and energy. It is simple.4 items are required.   1-sugarcandy(paticabellam in telugu)250grams,  2-big almonds(seem...

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Vida & Salud

To get one elephant's strength

Namaste,This is the easy way to get one elephant strength very easily.It is said by the two old aurvedic docters.put gold chain in one gloss of water.heat that water for 10 minutes.After naturally ...

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