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Community cooking in residential apartments!

Small drops makes the ocean… house hold cooking consumes large amount of energy. If we can add a supplementary system that allows regular use… we will definitely save large amount of energy. Behind...

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Politica y Sociedad

An emergency portal and a mobile application to support it

 Everyday in our lives we hear and see accidents happening. here and there some are not able to make it to the hospital due to unreacheability and some due to lack of informatiom about hospitals ne...

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Community Kitchen for viilagers

In many villages every day few family members such as women and childrens spend their precious time in sourcing wood fuel material needed for cooking. Many poor familes who cannot afford cooking fu...

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Politica y Sociedad

A social networking site for seniors

 Seniors or people who have crossed a certain age limit need companionship more than any other age segment.

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Idea Globe

Glimpses of The Global Brain gave me an Idea, which is yours now;What if Global Brain could use it's Idea Bank to solve some pressingproblems of the World Today?Problems like Poverty, Hunger, Envir...

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Politica y Sociedad

Cities that want to progress in innovation should consider the Memphis Manifesto. Be a Smart City. Send this to your local authorities is my idea "spread the word" of this Manifesto

In 2003 100 members of the new Creative class got together to think structure and summarize what could help build "'ideas communities" for the future, the result was the Memphis ManifestoA copy of...

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Politica y Sociedad


Rebuild Urban Neighborhoods by simply running to raise funds, which will be used to provide residents (especially youth) with the necessary resources they desperately need to succeed, excel and lea...

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Politica y Sociedad

United Charity

My Idea is to create an organization that that Certifies charities and NGO’s & non profit groups as legitimate organization that be recognized world over . so people making donations know ...

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Arte & Cultura

Theater plays through Internet

I love theater and was an amateur for a while, but I do not have the time to create a theater group and participate on phyisical meetings to prepare a play and performe it anymore.So, my idea is ab...

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Bicycles for suburban areas

I just moved, and now that I am leaving outside of my beloved city, grabbing the car to fulfill even the simplest necessities seems a bit too much! All around us hundreds of neat houses shed thousa...

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