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google glass + app para invidentes que use la webcam para indicar por audio los obstáculos

La idea va destinada para las personas invidentes como una ayuda "extra" en sus desplazamientos.Crear una app que utilizando las Google Glass, u otras gafas con webcam, fuera narrando por audio los...

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Politica y Sociedad


Imagine that you can only see with your hands. It is not difficult. Imagine also that you have many friends. That is not difficult either. You communicate with them through sounds, talking on the p...

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Casa & Mascotas

Are Bats Really Blind?

Bats are not blind. Like many animals, they are born blind, but gain eyesight from the time they are seven to nine days old. Bats are night creatures. Most come out only at night to hunt. Although...

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Thermal blinds in homes and work places

Shutters and curtains used at home and work places would be made with intelligent materials to transform the incoming energy from outside into heat or cool, to keep the temperature pleasant to huma...

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Cost Saving Go Green Solution for the Visually Impaired WORDOVER for Braille

The BLIND children need to learn and practice Braille writing and reading during their schooling years and for this they need THICK drawing papers as they need to emboss the 6 dots which make them ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Señales acústicas en Internet para ciegos / Acoustic signals on the Internet for the blind / Des signaux acoustiques sur l'Internet pour les aveugles /

Habeís visto como algunas páginas según entraís, suena una música o voz. Se me ocurre que la página web podía estar llena de zonas que suenan de una forma u otra según sea un enlace a activar o no ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Audible GPS for blind persons (Translation of idea nº 6203)

Idea translated: nº 6203 of ideator ShinjinHi, friends of ideas4Aill, here is my idea: I really believe that blind people live in a very, very difficult world. My idea is for them. A GPS that could...

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