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Casa & Mascotas

Edificios en forma escala-piramidal

Más o menos como el de la foto.Esa forma es buena porque soporta más facilmente los terremotos y en caso de incendio la mayoria de las personas pueden saltar de escalon en escalon hasta el final si...

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Casa & Mascotas

Irregular Anti-Earthquake Walls

There are many methods devised for new high rise buildings constructed of steel and glass that enable them to withstand the shock of earthquakes. But the problem is that they are incredibly expensi...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Buildings Designed To Collapse

This may seem like a strange Idea to propose, and counter to everything that would seem to make sense, but I think it may be one that can save lives in the event of catastrophe where buildings are ...

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Negocios y Consumo

widening the roads!

when we go to a market where too many shops and there is no room to even stand, then government wants to remove the shops and expand the road for traffic , no business man supports it as it is lose...

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Building an eco-friendly office

Generally, an office needs power supply, communication systems, furniture, storage place and other facilities. Power Supply will be generated from Solar Energy which will reduce the cost for ele...

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Negocios y Consumo

recruitment consultant

Recruitment Solutions - Are you frustrated, confused and powerless? We make staffing decisions easy at Balance At Work.recruitment solutions Australiaemployee performance

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Negocios y Consumo

Need a website builder/helper?

If you have a service you are wanting to get started and don't know much about website building or HTML you can come to me! :DI am a part of two future projects that are soon to be hits (Both get o...

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Negocios y Consumo

Centro de creación de dispositivos electrónicos / Center building electronic devices / Centre de la construction d'appareils électroniques

Se trata de un local o una cadena que te permita generar una idea que tengas sobre cualquier dispositivo electrónico que se te ocurra.This is a local or a chain that allows you to generate an idea ...

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Edificio con techo deslizable / Building with sunroof / Construire avec toit ouvrant

Me gustaría tener una casa como los campos de futbol o plazas de toros con techos deslizables para dejar abierta la casa al aire libre cuando hace buen tiempo.I want a house like the football field...

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