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Healthy Cigarette

You cannot resist cigarette smoking and your body is praying not to have lung cancer, so my idea is manufacture a a healthy cigarette containing different medicinal properties and a smoke that can ...

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Extracting Electrical Energy from waste CIGARETTE STUBS or BUTTS

 Hi All,   I have found a way to use waste cigarette stubs to extract useful electrical energy. My good old friends "Bacteria" helped me achieve this. Right now I am working on extending the possi...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Reduction of Packaging Material in Cigarette Packing

 TOR (Tear off Ribbon) can be removed from BOPP overwrapping of cigarette packing, if we can do minor 2mm width straight line embossing on BOPP at the place of TOR .

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Discover the "Mosquito - Cigarette"........->

Hi Friends !!Howz u all doing ?Today in the morning at a market in chandigarh , I saw few youngsters smoking cigarette and coughing. Someone from them asked the one smoking not to smoke & kill them...

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Vida & Salud

Cigarro no tóxico / Cigarette non-toxic / Cigarette non toxique

No he fumado nunca entonces no tengo ni idea (vaya esta palabra me suena) pero yo creo que si tenemos una ciencia tan desarrollada y el cigarro realmente tiene tantas sustancias tóxicas, porqué no ...

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