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Negocios y Consumo

Intrinsic Planning Value

There are many studies and related figures which are often presented to the public concerning how much the loss of working days through illness and other absences cost the economy every year, or th...

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Vida & Salud

Winning Through Discipline and Diligent Action

I remember a story by Leo Tolstoy in which the devil wishes to deceive and lure Ivan the Fool. After failing many attempts to lure him, he finally proposes to teach Ivan and all the fools how to do...

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Turismo & Viajes

Event Planning Game

Online Event planning game. Webminar or others. Real money will be involved to promote this event. If the event is successful, the organizer will be rewarded.

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Negocios y Consumo

Transportes planos / Transport Planning / Transport Plain

Estoy pensando en una superficie equivalente a la de un autobus pero sólo con la parte del fondo y en dos modalidades. La primera con miles de ruedas cubriendo todo la superficie que con un motor d...

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