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building construction

when the drainage is blocked the dwellers are struggling a lot to rectify the problem.If a strong string is inserted to the pipe ,from top to bottom ,and the upper end must be safely fixed  free to...

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Politica y Sociedad

Eliminar enormes atascos a complejos comerciales grandes / Remove huge jams at major shopping complexes / Retirer confitures énormes aux grands centres commerciaux

Están surgiendo complejos con grandes superficies comerciales más especilizadas, además de alimentación, se pueden comprar utensilios de todo tipo y comer, fundamentalmente. Al entrar tienes calles...

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Casa & Mascotas


Just wanted to share with everyone over here: I had almost zillion of cockroaches when i shifted into my house (@ rent) I dont know how and why the previous tenants didnot notice these creepy chara...

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