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Ad Posting Work - Copy Paste Job - Work From Home - Guaranteed Job

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Data Entry job


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Casa & Mascotas

Lands and Ploats for buying and Selling in Baroda Area

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Turismo & Viajes

Seat Listener/Sensor

I am proposing a seat listener/sensor in all modes of transportation, especially on all public transports. First up, this will let the driver/conductor/TCs know if the seats are occupied or not. Fu...

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Online Advertisement

 PRITHVI129GF If you want to expand your business throughout India and if you want promote your business then we can expand your business product and services in all over India by online advertisem...

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Mejoras por ingresos por pinchar anuncios / Improvements to click ads revenue / Améliorations aux annonces cliquez sur les recettes

En algunas páginas web te pagan por hacer clicks en determinados enlaces, pero te ponen los ingresos en unas listas tan largas que no te enteras cuando te ha ingresado y por que concepto, hasta que...

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this was an idea for tv commercial i have been thinking about, since some time.(the street well lit by natural/sun light)first shot:little boy walking through an empty road..second shot: he sees a ...

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Future of Advertising

 Instead of giving full page advertisements for the promotion of goods and services,Advertising companies and Marketers can give small ad with website link address. If they use some attraction like...

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google ads 4 ideas4ll make them more relevant

At the beginning in ideas4all the ads were pretty relevant they were related to the subjects of the ideas or problems you were reading or the category you were searching and some attracted my atten...

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