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Casa & Mascotas

New technology wood decoration

A custom coating finishing system is called as decoral process or wood grain powder coating which it aims to decorate the doors, wooden furniture like handles and so on with images, embossed patter...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Air heat with solar energy, a new approach in electricity generation


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Turismo & Viajes

A route finder without a GPS hardware

The following concept can be used tofind route without gps hardware.The concept is......A arrow will move forward from starting pointto ending point. The speed that the arrow moves depends on the s...

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Propuesta de banner alternativo / alternative banner Propose / Proposition de bannière alternative

En lugar de quitar ideas buenas como la del chat por falta de espacio (supongo), estaría bien si es posible, alternar en las mismas posiciones varios banners sobre las diferentes actividades.Rather...

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Room cooler using alcohol/sprit

I shall explain a basic module Take first… 2” square wood piece – about 4 M length … make a 1 sq meter frame out of it … through sides make two holes – insert one ½ inch metal pipe [inlet and outl...

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human power plants

nuclear generators are built to generate steam to turn turbines that generate electricity. We really need to convert human potential energy to generate the electricity. There are already mechanical...

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Politica y Sociedad

Horse Shoe alternative Solution /// Horse Shoe Solución alternativa

Horse Shoe alternative Solution: For horse, Ox and other animals usually owners fix metal horse shoe for the foot using nails in order to avoid slippage during pulling cart etc.Why not they simply ...

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Politica y Sociedad

the secret of earth

Respected Obama sir,                                  I feel the distrubances in financial,terror threats for all over the world is because of a big negative vibration. I feel this negative vibrati...

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Vida & Salud

The suppressed skin eruptions are the main cause of all chronic diseases

There are suppressed eruptions in behind of all chronic diseases. Because of that, don’t suppress any skin eruption. Treat it -properly, –pure homeopathically.

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